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Volkswagen is well-known for its reliability and durability. The company makes quality cars that tend to be solid inside and out. The Touran is not the most unique vehicle on the market, but it is an excellent family vehicle, and boasts an excellent build quality.

The VW Touran comes with either a five or seven seat arrangement. The seven seat option is the most popular. The Touran is a more nimble vehicle than most of the other seven seaters on the market, and the rear seats fold flat. The car is easy to drive, and the seating arrangement offers some versatility. The Touran is a fairly expensive purchase. In fact, it just might be one of the most expensive MPVs on the market. It is likely that many buyers will be willing to pay a little more for the badge. The car should enjoy good resale values and the VW badge will help out when it comes time to sell offer. The Sharan is a sensible and straightforward vehicle that offers a lot in the way of practicality. The car will have some major competitors with the same engines on offer and similar features for less money. There are many high-class family vehicles on the market, and the Touran may find it hard to compete price-wise.


The Volkswagen Touran is an expensive car to purchase, but running costs are low and insurance and service charges will be low as well. Fuel economy will be excellent, and resale values should be good. The cabin is spacious and will provide more than sufficient space for all of the car’s passengers. The seats can be arranged to turn the Touran into a van. The boot is large and is big enough for odd shaped items. The car will be able to accommodate the needs of a family quite easily. The gauges are clear and concise. They are logically placed and practical. They are also well illuminated with the trademark blue and red glow. The fascia is uncluttered and the controls are straightforward. Passengers will be comfortable, though the seats are a bit firm. Plenty of head and legroom throughout the cabin ensures that the passengers will be comfortable even on longer trips. Accessing the cabin is easy, though in tight car lots the swinging doors may be a bit difficult to open widely. The wide door apertures and a high roofline make the climb into the cabin much easier. The boot is accessed through a large hatch that allows for unrestricted access. Parking the Volkswagen Touran is not an easy task by any standard, though parking sensors are an option on all models. They will prove to be invaluable when both forward and reverse parking as distances are hard to judge and the car is hard to maneuver in tight spaces.

 Life Style

 Most drivers will find that the Tourer is likeable enough. The car may feel a little lacking due to the fact that the car’s throttle and steering inputs are electronically regulated, but it is always precise. Diesel engines feel more powerful than they  are thanks to the amount of torque offered. The Touran also doesn’t lean through corners like most of the other cars in this class. This is an excellent family vehicle. The fact that it seats seven and provides more than adequate cabin space for all passengers is a huge plus. The car is versatile and can also carry a good deal of cargo. The van is durable enough to handle family life, yet classy enough that it can be taken anywhere. This is not a good first car. It is expensive, and large. Novice drivers may have a difficult time navigating the Touran and are not likely to need so much space. The Volkswagen Company is known for producing quality and reliable cars. Owners will not need to worry about owning a badge that’s stylish enough. Volkwagen’s badge carries plenty of clout, but the Touran as practical as it is will not be much of a head turner.

 Security and Safety

 The S-badgesd model comes standard with an imobilizer and remote central locking, however the SE and Sport models also come with an alarm with interior protection. The Touran also has many storage compatments that will keep items left behind in the car hidden from any curious eyes. The Touran comes with a standard safety package that includes, three-point safety seat belts for all the seats, ESP, brake assist, ABS, and curtain air bags for front and second row seats.

 The Finishing Touches

 All models come standard equipped with a factory-fit stereo with CD player. However there are many extra possibilities when it comes to the entertainment inside the car, including a six-disk changer which is mounted in the driver armrest. The car’s basic models feels a little lacking. Standard levels of equipment are adequte, but the base model does not come standard with ABS, brake assist, seat-back tables, rear electric windows and an alarm system.


 The touran is not a dynamic drive, but customers who loved the Volkswagen Golf and are needing more space for the kids are likely to find the Touran appealing. The Touran shares many similarities with the Golf, and customers loyal to the brand may find that the Touran is the next logical step.

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