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The 307 was one of the first cars in its class to make use of a metal folding roof instead of the more traditional fabric tops. Peugeot has added various enhancements to the new model including interior and exterior upgrades, plus the car will receive a 2.0-litre HDi diesel engine.

Improved security and noise insulation has increased the popularity of this sector. The original 307 CC enjoyed great popularity and has held a good piece of the market, yet the company has enhanced the 307 to keep it up-to-date and competitive. The 307 CC’s exterior now boasts a front grille that is deeper and wider and with chrome detailing. The grille is flanked by a pair of fog lights. The bonnet is now made from aluminium, and the front wings are now made of a plastic composite and should increase damage resistance. On the inside Peugeot has increased both comfort and equipment levels. The car’s dual-zone automatic air conditioning system, allows separate temperature settings for both front passengers. The car’s standard fit radio has been revised and Bluetooth phone connectivity is now available as a cost option. The car’s instrument graphics have also been enhanced. Peugeot now offers a 2.0-litre HDi diesel in the 307 CC. The engine offers similar performance to the 2.0-litre petrol unit but with much better fuel economy.


The initial purchase price is a little steep, but the car’s convertible capabilities combined with its low running costs and good fuel economy help to justify the expense. The car should also receive decent insurance rates. The car’s interior space is very good. Head and legroom are good all-round, but rear passengers may begin to feel cramped on longer journeys. Boot space with the top up is very good but is limited considerably with the top down. The car has a large rev counter and speedometer that take center stage in the instrument layout. The controls and displays are easy to read and sport a nice look and feel. Satellite navigation is optional, and some of the sat-nav controls are fiddly and a little difficult to use. Front seat passengers have plenty of space and supportive seats should further enhance comfort. Rear passengers have less room and the rear seats can become uncomfortable due to the seating position provided by the backseats. Access to the car’s cabin is good. Front seat passengers shouldn’t have any problem at all sliding into the seats, and rear passengers may encounter some difficulty getting in while the car’s top is up. Access to the car’s boot is straightforward and shouldn’t pose a problem. Parking the 307 is super easy thanks to great all-round visibility. Parking is even easier with the top down. Rear sensors are fitted as standard and shouldn’t be needed but give a little extra confidence while parking.

 Life Style

 The 307 CC offers accurate steering and decent feedback. It offers a good ride and the car’s suspension system does a good job of keeping the ride smooth. The diesel engine provides more than enough power, while noise levels are kept low. The 307 could adequately transport a family of four. As long as the children were small. If the kids are older, forget it. Boot space is limited with the top down and luggage space is also limited. Even smaller families would need to upgrade eventually to a more suitable vehicle. This is probably not a likely first car for many new drivers. Despite the car’s attractive exterior and easy driving demeanor. The car comes with a high initial purchase price and will also be costly to insure as well. For first time buyers who can afford it the car has a lot of appeal. The car has an excellent image. Not only is it convertible, but it also has a metal top which is now more desirable to most buyers. The car’s materials have a quality feel and add to the car’s charming personality.

 Security and Safety

 The car comes equipped standard with an alarm and immobiliser. The metal folding roof also provides superior protection to the more traditional fabric roof. The 307 comes with six airbags, front seats with seat belt pre-tensioners and ABS. A pair of rollover hoops are also provided in case the car tuns over.

 The Finishing Touches

The SE model receives a five CD changer. The autochanger mounts in the dashboard. The main controls for the stereo are small and may be difficult to operate. The unit delivers good sound quality. Both the S and SE models are available with leather upholstery. The leather definitely adds a touch of class and quality. The car’s door cappings, dashboard and seats are finished in either red or black hide. The rest of the cabin is primarily black.


 The 307 offers seating for four and a metal roof. The diesel form increases fuel economy and practicality. The high purchase price and limited room for rear passengers might lose some buyers, but for those who give the 307 some serious consideration it won’t easily disappoint.

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