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The Mazda MX 5 has been around for a long time. It was one of the pioneers in affordable roadsters after the trend started to die out among manufacturers. The third generation carries Mazda’s recipe for success. The car boasts affordability, attractive styling, good handling and high levels of refinement.

The Japanese company has enjoyed much long-term success with the MX 5. This is one roadster that is simple in design, yet fun to drive. The Mazda is affordable and has had little real competition. The MX 5 is a favorite among North American driving enthusiasts. The little car offers so much at such an affordable price that competitors have a hard time trying to keep up. The MX 5 provides low handling limits, and the steering and suspension are both excellent. The car has undergone some changes but they have been for the better as quality has been improved and the cars looks kept very clean and modern. The car’s engaging driving characteristics and good looks are only a small portion of what the car has to offer. The car’s boot is very useable and practical. It is difficult to not look twice with all the MX 5 has to offer and at such an affordable asking price.


 The MX 5 was designed for performance. The car is very attractively styled but boasts a very reasonable purchase price. Given the car’s proven reliability the car should continue to have low running costs aside from a higher insurance rating due to the fact that the car is a convertible, and fuel economy probably won’t be great either. The car provides adequate passenger space for two. That’s it. The car has a small boot and is even smaller and more limited with the top down. The boot can handle some small packages or shopping, but that’s about it. The car’s main dials are clear and easy to read. The MX 5 has a very simple fascia and doesn’t have anything too complicated to figure out. The gearshift is light and precise and so is the steering. Remote audio controls on the steering wheel are a bonus. For the most part everything is exactly where you’d expect to find it. The car provides decent levels of comfort. The seats are supportive and comfortable and space is adequate for two adult passengers to ride in reasonable comfort. For the most part the MX 5 is easy to access. The seating position is fairly low and may cause problems for some, but the car’s cabin is much easier to access than one might expect. Egress isn’t too bad either. Most passengers shouldn’t have any problems. The car is easy to park. The car’s light steering makes it easy to maneuver into even small parking spaces. Rear visibility is limited with the top up, and rear parking sensors off of the options list may prove to be a worthy investment.

 Life Style

The MX 5 provides excellent driver appeal. The little roadster is tons of fun to drive. Both engine options are competent of delivering a decent ride, but the lesser-powered 1.8 variant allows you to explore the car’s limits at lower speeds without sacrificing fun. The car’s handling could be better but is more than adequate as well. This is not a good family car. There is only enough seating for two. It could be used as a second vehicle with very limited duties but is not capable of transporting an entire family around town. This is a fairly affordable entry-level sports car. It delivers a spirited ride yet is easy enough that novice drivers should have no problem handling the car. The car is super easy to park with the top down and only slightly difficult to park with the top up. It could be used as a first car. The Mazda MX 5 has a large loyal following. Everywhere it is sold people have nothing but good things to say about the little roadster. The car bosts a high quality build and loads of style. The MX 5 reflects positively on the company.

 Security and Safety

The car comes equipped standard with remote central locking and a security alarm and engine immobiliser system. The fabric roof may prove to be a security vulnerability, and all valuables should be kept out of sight. The car comes with twin front airbags and anti-lock brakes. Side airbags are offered as a cost option. The car comes with Isofix mounting points and the ability to turn off the passenger airbag, and a pair of rollover hoops protect occupants should the car turn over.

 The Finishing Touches

 The car comes standard with a radio and CD unit. The system delivers good sound quality. Steering wheel controls are available on the options list with six speakers. The only upgrade is a ‘Bose’ brand system boasting more powerful output and a CD changer. The MX 5 has always looked best in black or red. The car’s interior is comprised mostly of black plastics. The interior quality is good and will look good with most of the available exterior colors.


 The new generation MX 5 has layed to rest many of the past issues that plagued previous models. The car boasts good performance and quality-build. The car is reliable , so it makes for a good used car and it is extremely stylish, and best of all the car is more affordable than most of its competitors.

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