• Wednesday, September 25th, 2013

A recent survey has revealed that up to 10 million motorists in the UK are driving without a valid MOT certificate.

The research, carried out by the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders), showed that around 1 in 3 drivers admitted to driving without an MOT at some point, with 2% admitting to doing so for over 6 months.

Drivers in the South West were the worst offenders geographically, while the survey also illustrated that younger drivers were more likely to drive illegally; 39% of 18- to 24-year-olds admitted to driving after their MOT certificate had expired.

Even the most law-abiding age group, those aged between 45 and 54, were not particularly diligent; 28% of them drove without a valid MOT.

Mike Baunton, SMMT interim chief, commented on the results: “A significant proportion of motorists forget the MOT, risking safety, fines and penalty points.”

No government reminders are sent to a motorist when a vehicle is due to have its MOT renewed. If you need to have your vehicle MOT tested, you can find out which garages offer the cheapest prices in your area through the use of comparison sites. and both offer this service.

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